Setting Ourselves Up for Success Through Travel

Author: Top Notch Consultants | | Categories: Direct Sales and Marketing

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Team Top Notch Consultants has set the tone for a successful first quarter with a fantastic trip to Dallas, Texas. Select individuals from the company were chosen to visit the Lone Star State, where they received hands-on training, chances to learn from industry leaders, and were introduced to like-minded professionals from across the country.

At this event, our associates heard moving testimonials and received exclusive training from the best of the best in our field. Opportunities like this are only presented to those who have displayed strong leadership skills and a motivated student mentality.

There are plenty of other Top Notch Consultants trips throughout the year though, so everyone will have a chance to see a bit more of the world than Charlotte. We head to neighboring cities for cross-training, and also to explore new markets for potential expansion. In addition, we attend several conferences and retreats in a 12-month period, so there is always another chance to qualify for an event around the corner.

Even when we don’t all go to a weekend retreat like Dallas, the whole team benefits. Those who attend send back live content through our social media feeds and make presentations on the knowledge they gained during keynote speeches and workshops. Not only does this ensure we’re all more informed, but it heightens the motivation to qualify for the next excursion.